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Photography and creating abstract art (Art Gone Crazy), alongside her writing, has become an enjoyable pastime for Rachel. As more and more people began to enjoy her artwork, she decided to make it available in gift-item form for anyone who was interested.



CafePress Designs


Find items created from some of Rachel's photos, abstract art and text-based designs for writers, horse lovers and more!


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Art Gone Crazy

Stationery, prints and more...

Uniquely designed through digital artwork, Rachel has created products that others can enjoy, such as note cards, ready-to-frame prints, necklaces, notepads and more. Items vary throughout her creative seasons, and current creations may be often found online through Etsy.


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God's Creation is a photo book including over 50 stunning pictures of flowers, sunsets and more. Inspirational messages are scattered throughout.

Enjoy the nature God has given us.


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What People are Saying
about Rachel's Books


"I just finished reading Smatterings of an Analyitcal Loner. Loved it and it was such an inspiring book. I did so enjoy it!!"


"I love all her books and this one was the best by far!!!" [Discovering the Dawn]


"Kept me turning page after page! I rate it a 5 star, because of the plot and gripping impact it had on me. I loved it."


"The book was stupendous! It portrayed well of how someone who is hard-of-hearing would deal with and feel about life. The story was very heart warming and I would recommend it to anyone." [Silent Ride]


"As a fan of Christian romance novels, I was very impressed... The story line is good, and the characters don't get confusing. It is completely moral--no trash included like so many romance novels do today."




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