Artistry as books, graphic design and abstract art by Rachel L. Burkum.

First and foremost a child of God. Second, a writer. Third, an artist. Welcome to the world of Rachel L. Burkum.


The author in Rachel is dedicated to writing inspirational and entertaining pieces, while always maintaining wholesome content. She writes short stories, devotionals and poetry, though her greatest love is novels. Her writings, in general, take on a range of topics, many focusing on God's work in people's lives.Check out her Novels, Inspirational writings or her writer's guide.


The artist in Rachel loves creating new things out of photography and abstract art. Her latest adventure has been Art Gone Crazy - a small collection of items (such as key chains, magnets and necklaces) that use her abstract art. Visit her online bookshop to find details.

The designer in Rachel is always looking for a new phrase or picture that she eventually makes into an image used on a variety of different items.

In this particular area, CafePress has become a great place for her to showcase her work...and have a lot of fun. Rachel's designs include everything from horse-lover images and sayings for writers, to Bible-based graphics and more. Check out her CafePress store by clicking here.

If you'd like to know more about Rachel or read her own personal story, check out her biography and testimony of faith.