Artistry as books, graphic design and digital artwork by Rachel L. Burkum.


Apart from her novels, Rachel also loves writing short stories, poetry and devotional-type thoughts. She has published one book, thus far, containing a collection of these inspirational writings.

Smatterings of an Analytical Loner

76 thought-provoking pieces.

Short stories. Devotionals. Poems.

Written over the course of several years, this collection is just what the title suggests: smatterings of  my writings. Some writings are old. Some are new. Styles vary from piece to piece, presenting a freshness and new perspective  on every page.

Within this book hides a passionate writer sharing the words God has given her.

You'll find some feel-good stories, tear-jerkers and articles that hit close to home.

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God at the Reins

52 Inspirational Devotions for Horse Enthusiasts

Oh, the lessons we may learn from our hoofed friends. From being in the saddle, to grooming, to mucking out stalls, there is always something to be gained. Something mysterious. Something intangible. Something precious.

Building relationships with horses creates much responsibility, but with that responsibility also come great rewards. The world of equines is brimming with countless parallels to our spiritual lives, if we simply take time to see them.

These 52 devotional thoughts give insights into those parallels. Whether you have enjoyed years in the saddle or you simply appreciate the beauty of horses, may you be inspired by these personal stories and lessons learned.

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