Artistry as books, graphic design and digital artwork by Rachel L. Burkum.

What people are saying about my books:

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"Kept me turning page after page! I rate it a 5 star, because of the plot and gripping impact it had on me. I loved it. The message conveyed really hit home and was very encouraging."

"I just finished reading Smatterings of an Analyitcal Loner. Loved it and it was such an inspiring book. I did so enjoy it!!"

"Wow! This is Rachel Burkum's best book yet." [Discovering the Dawn]

"As a fan of Christian romance novels, I was very impressed with this book. The story line is good, and the characters don't get confusing. It is completely moral--no trash included like so many romance novels do today. I am awaiting her next publication!"

"The book was stupendous! It portrayed well of how someone who is hard-of-hearing would deal with and feel about life. The story was very heart warming and I would recommend it to anyone." [Silent Ride]

"Captivating and intense...I couldn't put it down."

"I love all her books and this one was the best by far!!!" [Discovering the Dawn]

"'A Test of Courage' is an engaging tale of two young people who discover who they really are... and eventually, each other!"

"Good story with a fast moving plot. I found myself wanting to know what would happen next to the characters. The author made the Christians in the story real with real concerns and issues yet did not preach at the reader. I know little about horses and the author explained what one needed to know without giving so much information that she lost the nonrider. I enjoyed the story and hope she writes more."

"At the Heart of Truth is so great that I've read it four times!"

"I read this one over the weekend. I must say, it was an adventure. I actually learned something. I highly recommend this book."

"...a good read. Rachel is very good as developing an enjoyable and exciting plot. The story has just enough romance, conflict (both personal for several characters and between people) and adventure to please most any reader. The story reminds us that we need each other and God. It also helps us see that deafness need not be a barrier to a full and active life. I highly recommend Silent Ride."

"What a pleasure it was to read this book! Ms. Burkum has created an interesting plot and down-to-earth characters. I especially enjoyed learning some new things about horses. I look forward to future books."