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I've got a handful of published books, spanning genres from novels to collections to devotionals to self-help for beginning writers.

The books listed here have been self-published by yours truly, meaning I have done everything from writing them to laying out the inside pages to designing the covers (alone or collaboratively).

They are available to purchase through where I published them. So just click on a title, and it will take you right where you need to go. Some are even available as e-books, so be sure to check that out. Help a starving artist AND gain a piece of writing that will intrigue and inspire you.

At the Heart of Truth

Follow the suspenseful chain of events that lead one young man on a daring ride as he discovers the key to overcoming a hurtful past. Share the tears of a young woman caught between emotion and obedience.

Remaining true to a style of weaving Christian principles into a thought-provoking plot, experience love, suspense
and truth.

Discovering the Dawn

Though the life of a young woman may be laced with bitterness, love from an unexpected source is waiting just around the bend. Can two hearts that seem so different find a new start together?


Be enveloped in a journey of healing hearts, conquering the shadows of the past, and learning to let the dawn shine on a new future.

A young woman takes on more than she ever dreamed in an effort to salvage a strained relationship and, quite possibly, her brother's future. It's not easy though. She's a woman in a man's world, and on top of that, she's deaf. 

A great read, this novel not only provides a touching story of forgiveness and love, but also reveals truths about deafness.

Silent Ride
Smatterings of an Analytical Loner

76 thought-provoking short stories, devotions and poems.


Written over the course of several years, this collection is just what the title suggests: smatterings of Rachel's writings with freshness and new perspectives on every page. Within this book hides a passionate writer sharing the words God has given her. You'll find feel-good stories, tear-jerkers and articles that hit close to home.

From being in the saddle, to grooming, to mucking out stalls, are always lessons to be learned.

Building relationships with horses creates much responsibility, but with that responsibility also come great rewards. The world of equines is brimming with countless parallels to our spiritual lives, if we simply take time to see them. These 52 devotional thoughts give inspirational insights into those parallels.

God at the Reins
Under Construction

Writing a novel (or any book) can be an exciting experience. And a daunting one. Whether your manuscript starts out as just a small idea that eventually evolves into a book, or whether it's laid out from day one as an epic series, there is both logic and emotion involved.


This guide was built using Rachel's own writing journey. In it, she shares her unique perspectives on the emotional and technical aspects of creating a book, in the hopes of encouraging other writers who are just beginning their own adventures.

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