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February 17, 2018

I'll never be one to say I'm good at keeping a journal. Actually, for a writer I'm downright terrible at keeping any kind of journal or diary. Not sure what that says about me - maybe I don't want to know. A blog fits into that same category for me. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to keep a blog, only to fall off the blogging wagon about six months in. Or weeks. I can't lie.

I tried blogging about writing, and I gained a following of... okay, let's just not go there. Then I read a book on utilizing social media, which greatly encouraged blogging. So I followed the magic formula, and viola! I had people reading my blog left and right. Unfortunately, I was writing as a test to see if the formula worked, and it really wasn't me. Once again, I abandoned my efforts.

So why the heck am I here now? Life changes. I change. My goals change. My career changes. I've gone from a full-time employee and writer on the side to a full-time student and jack of all trades. Go figure! I'm a graphic designer for Serious Solutions, a freelance designer, a house cleaner, a yard mower, an interior painter, a database creator, and a substitute fitness kickboxing instructor. Oh yeah, and there's that student thing. That kind of takes up some time, too.

Speaking of school, this semester I was required to list some goals. We've been talking some in class about the helpful tool a blog can be, in terms of networking, attracting an audience, sharing our insights, etc. etc. So, once again, guess what one of my goals was? You got it. To get back on the blogging wagon.

So that... is why I'm here. If you're reading this, congratulations! And thank you. What will I write about next? I think instead of boxing myself in with any one thing/topic, I'm just going to let my muse take over. I'll probably share some of my graphic design insights. Maybe a few things about school. Definitely some cute stories about my cats, and... in the process, hopefully you'll get to know me a little more too.

Until next time...






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