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February 20, 2018

My teacher is awesome. Really. She's letting me take on a client as a student project, and since it's quite a hefty project, I've basically been let off the hook for other homework assignments. (Insert resounding "Yes!") Today I'm sending proof #2 of said project to said client, and... as always, I'm as nervous as I'll get out. Showing my teacher - not so bad. I had a feeling she'd like what I'd done with the book cover, and she did. That made my day. Showing my client - that's a different story. She's got some pretty high expectations, and I'm doing my best. But being a student project (aka: free) there's only so much I can do. We'll see. The first round didn't go so well, but I spent 4 solid hours on it the other night (with coffee), so I'm really hoping she's going to like the modifications.


Being an introvert, graphic design is the perfect field for me... and the worst. It pretty much varies from day to day. It's awesome that I can work from home, alone (except for my kitties). And it's murder when I have to face clients and show them the work I've done, since, well, my confidence is something I need to work on. All in all though, I'm pretty pleased with the path I've chosen. Now to wait and see if this book cover is going to pass my client's scrutiny...






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