February 27, 2018

When someone asks if I drink coffee, one of the first images that comes to mind is of my grandmother. She's been gone several years now, but when I was a teenager she would often ask, "When are you going to start drinking coffee?" My answer finally evolved to the repetitive, "When I like it." I guess to her, drinking coffee was a sign of being an adult. A rite of passage, as it were. Unfortunately, my taste buds would have none of that bitter, hot liquid. I simply didn't like it. I tried adding milk and sugar, and all that did was make it halfway tolerable - at least I wouldn't gag anyway. Nope, I just wasn't a coffee drinker like the rest of my family. Keep in mind, there was always a pot of coffee going at my grandparents' house, no matter what time of day it was.


Well, the years past, and my coworker/office buddy convinced me to try some coffee... with more creamer than I thought was even legal. It wasn't bad! I had another cup not too long after that, then another and... yep. Addicted. I blame my buddy for it now (she's actually the one who gave me the mug in this picture). It really is all her fault that I'm now in the category of coffee drinkers. Mind you, I still can't handle a cup of black coffee. It's got to have creamer, and I do like sugar, too. Got some caramel flavoring? Even better.


I admit it, I like the "foo-foo" drinks with whipped cream on top. Don't ask me the definitions for latte, espresso, cappuccino or anything else - I don't have a clue. I'm the one that walks up to the coffee shop counter, points at a pretty picture and says, "One of those." Or better yet, my latest encounter involved me saying, "I want something sweet, but I don't know what to order." They made a recommendation, and that's what I got. I think it had caramel in it. I can't remember.


At any rate, I've finally accomplished what my grandmother wanted. I'm now an adult, I guess. I drink coffee in the mornings sometimes, but usually it's mid-evening when I'm curled up on the couch doing homework or design work and need a nice pick-me-up.





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