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March 17, 2018

I want to set the record straight. I’m frequently asked if I’m still writing or working on another book. So, to be perfectly clear, I’m a writer. That means the answer will never be no. Unless I’m dead. In which case, maybe my works will actually be worth something. (Feel free to take your copies of my books and put them on eBay.)


That pretty much answers the initial questions, but I’ll be nice. In all seriousness, I’m always writing. I write every day. Whether I’m working on a piece of fiction, writing an essay for school, coming up with a creative piece for Facebook, or writing on this blog, yes, I’m still writing. Manipulating written words is still my hobby and my passion.


As far as books go, I have a half-written novel waiting to be finished. Actually, I have more than one novel waiting to be finished. It’s been a while since I picked them up. A long while. But I have every intention of finishing them and yes, publishing them. Therefore, yes, I’m still working on multiple books. I’m disappointed I haven’t completed them yet, but sometimes life has a way of dictating time and priorities. I’d like to finish them in the near future, but at this pace, I may not get to them until I’m retired.


Fiction is still my favorite genre. Since I can’t get to my novels (and since I’d go crazy if I wasn’t using those particular creative juices), I get my daily fix by joining a friend of mine on a shared blog where we write an ongoing story with a plethora of characters and plots. You won’t see it in print, but it’s enough to keep me in practice - and sane.


The biggest thing that has changed from several years ago is my drive to publish and sell books. While I like (love) seeing my books in print, being a well-known author (or even a partially known author) is no longer a goal. At some point, I realized I simply don’t like promoting myself. I don’t like marketing, and I don’t like trying to earn money off my writings. Oh sure, it would be a nice perk, but I don’t enjoy it. And since I don’t enjoy it, I don’t want it ruining the pleasure of simply writing.


So… you’ll probably see another published work of mine in the future. But if it’s a bit of a wait, don’t think for a second that it means I’m not writing. I am. Constantly.




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