Vacationing Me

I went on a vacation this year. That may not seem like something to write home about (or rather, blog about), but for me, that’s a big deal. I’ve taken a lot of trips. But actual “vacation”? Nope. Not really.

This year though… this year was all about the big road trip. I rented a car (a first for me) and drove out to Colorado to see my bestie. That in itself wasn’t a first - I’d driven out before, but this time, we had big plans. I went to Chili’s for the first time (super good buffalo chicken sandwich), we took a trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (very tiring walk, but way cool), we hit the road and spent the night at Pioneer Village, which we then explored, we hit the road again, got our toes painted, went to a hotel (which included ordering pizza, blowing bubbles in the hotel room, and endless giggles), we went museum hunting, we drove, drove, drove, and drove some more (she fell asleep - I couldn’t), we made it to Iowa, went to fitness kickboxing, saw a movie, went to the Henry Doorly Zoo… and both wound up extremely sore and exhausted. But what a rush!

Vacations aren’t something I’m able to take very often. Time off? A day to myself? Sure. But going “on vacation,” is a rare happenstance. I was blessed this year with a nice getaway that I can now tuck back in my memory for when I need to smile. Since I turned 30, I have begun realizing, pointing out, or recording my new “firsts.” My life up until the last few years was pretty mundane. I’m not saying that in a bad way - it’s just how life was. My horizons had not yet been expanded beyond home and work. Lately though… things have changed. Besides a grand vacation, I’ve had a lot of other “firsts,” and while sometimes they’re a bit frightening… they’re now a part of who I am as I increase my experiences.


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