"Higher" Standards

I’ve made it to new heights… literally! One of my part-time jobs is not very glamorous. I clean toilets and super gross refrigerators, mop floors, paint walls and ceilings, help put in flooring, wash windows, and more. However, the job does come with its perks. My buddy and I had an apartment to paint, and this particular apartment had a vaulted ceiling. Needless to say, we needed scaffolding in order to complete the job. Now, I don’t do heights all that well. However… scaffolding can be pretty fun. Especially on wheels! In this particular instance, I got to be on the “ground,” while my cohort was up high. As such, when she’d max out her arm’s reach with the paint brush, I got to unlock the scaffolding wheels and (carefully) steer her a little further down the wall. We realized that I was literally able to “push her around” on the job. I mean… who doesn’t want to do that?! No, this job isn’t glamorous, but hey, paying attention to the little things pays off. It didn’t take me long to learn that it’s all in perspective. Even at the worst job sites, there is always something positive. Always. If I take time to see it, that is. And generally… my cohort won’t let me not see it.

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