Still Learning

School has been tough. I won’t lie. I get more and more tired every day, but at the same time, it helps my motivation. Each day is one more day towards my end goal. And when that finish line finally arrives, it’s going to be a fantastic day. On the upside, I’m learning it really does pay to 1) form a (good) relationship with my teacher, and 2) keep up good grades. I don’t always agree with my teacher (when using the singular form of the word, I mean my one teacher who is also my advisor and head of the graphic design program), and I definitely view life very differently than he does. However, I’ve come to respect his wide knowledge, and appreciate his sense of humor, while it may be a bit bizarre at times. The perk to this is getting let off the hook when need be (or when wanted). This week, I get my birthday “off.” My teacher knows I’ll get my work done outside the classroom, and that I’ll do a good job. He’s not so nice as to just excuse me from class because it’s my birthday, but I now don’t have to go to class because he knows I’ll keep my word when I say my assignment will be done on time. He can be pretty critical in the classroom, but generally his grading is far less critical… at least for me. He doesn’t always know how to give criticism nicely, but I sense he has at least a certain amount of respect for the work I produce. I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but I am learning that even when I don’t necessarily like doing something… taking the “right” route ends up being more profitable in the end. My relationship with my teacher isn’t fake. But being a good student definitely helps. It goes against every rebellious fiber in my being (and I’ve got a lot of rebellious fibers), but… I think I’m getting the hang of it.

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