Meet Ticker

Today I added more chaos to my life. More expenses. More headaches. But along with that comes fun, laughter... and a bit of unconditional love.

Meet Ticker - the newest member of my household. I'd decided a while back that I wanted a third cat... "eventually." Well, my "eventually" got closer and closer. Maybe it's because this is a rough time of year for me, around the holidays. At any rate, I decided just to go look at the local animal shelter. I had no intention whatsoever of adopting any critter. That was yesterday.

I'd seen several kittens listed on the shelter's website - a little older than I preferred, but I was prepared to ask to see them specifically. I'd never adopted a cat from a shelter before - my very first cat (now gone of old age) came from a friend's farm, my sweetheart, Nitro, was given to me from my brother's cat's litter, and my big boy, Dynamite, was given to me from a farm after being orphaned at a tiny, tiny age. So this was a new experience to me, and to be honest, I was skeptical. The kittens listed on the website were maybe what I'd be interested in, but most likely not.

As it turns out, I was right. Those kittens weren't the ones. I saw them, but honestly didn't even have time to interact with them. One of the workers told me they had four kittens in their back room, and she explained that the younger ones are usually adopted so quickly that they don't bother putting them on the website. I agreed to go meet them.

My first impression wasn't the greatest. As the door to the "play room" was opened, two of the four-month-old furballs escaped. It was immediately apparent how much energy these little boys had, and just as quickly, I envisioned what might be left of my house if I brought one of them home. I decided to see this out though, and once those two were rounded up, I went into the room with them. I was greeted by another brother (well, not really, he was zipping around so quickly, he was more like a blur), and their one sister... who calmly came up to me for attention while the other three virtually bounced off the walls.

At that point, I couldn't help it. It was love at first sight, and I'll freely admit it. She was all black, cute as I'll get out, and a lot calmer than her siblings. She let me pick her up, and immediately started purring, allowing me to hold her on my lap and pet her while I watched (and laughed at) the other kittens roughhousing. Her cuddly personality struck a chord, and... that was it. I paid the holding fee to keep her overnight, and today... she came home.

Already she is a joy. She loves to play, loves to purr, and loves to cuddle. My other two cats are going to have to get used to having a new member of the family, but something tells me they will.

I wasn't exactly planning on this adoption, but Ticker is already giving me new smiles. Having three cats instead of just two is going to be an adventure... but I'm looking forward to this one.

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