Making a Good Day

I'll just come right out and say it now: I'm no sculptor. So be kind. The last time I sculpted anything was... well okay, never. The closest I've come is probably using molding modeling clay in grade school. That said, here is my masterpiece:

Come on. Don't laugh. I really do have a good reason for sharing this on my blog, other than getting made fun of.

The thing is, I'm sick of snow. It's nearing the end of February, and I'm ready for spring. I've been ready for spring since December. And here we go again... another layer of snow dumped on top of what we already had.

After going out to scoop my driveway, I discovered this was not the light and fluffy snow we'd been getting, but a heavier, wetter snow. Great. Just what my back wanted. (Not.) But then I realized... wet snow makes the best snow for creating snowmen. But who wants to be like everyone else? I'm a cat lover. So my snow "man" would be a snow "cat." I plopped down in the snow on my patio and started digging. I sat out there for probably two hours, making this kitty. My gloves were sopping wet, my fingers were numb, my pants were frozen to my legs, but I was smiling. I felt like a little kid again, actually enjoying the snow, rather than cursing it. Granted, I was out back behind my house where no one could see me... but I was still having an absolute ball.

My Taekwondo instructor's words had been flitting through my mind. "Make it a great day." Yeah, it snowed again. Yeah, it was cold. Wet. Miserable. But I could either wallow in my winter misery, or take advantage of the free time I had (being stuck at home) to have a little fun. I chose the latter, and... viola. Snow kitty. Or "Whiskers in Winter" as I like to call this piece of art. Good days don't always make themselves. Sometimes we have to put in a little effort.


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