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Little Projects

Just because I'm a graphic designer and can create logos and websites doesn't mean I don't also focus on many "little projects." These are usually the one-time projects. I am more than happy to consider family or personal needs. The following list is not comprehensive - and that's my point! Don't be afraid to contact me for something you consider small or not worth hiring a designer for. That's why I'm here!


I usually do not do the actual printing of projects/products, but I'm happy to provide the right size and types of file(s), and also make recommendations of where to create items if you don't already have a source picked out.


  • Arts & Crafts Fair Signage

  • Banners for Facebook Pages

  • Birth Announcements

  • Church Bulletin Templates

  • Church Event Handout

  • Cleaning up Old/Damaged Photos

  • Cleaning Up/Recreating Old Logos

  • Custom Tattoo Designs

  • Email Newsletter Templates

  • Event Banners/Posters

  • Event/Club/Team T-shirts

  • Family Christmas Letters

  • Family Newsletters

  • Family Reunion Invitations

  • Formatted Poems/Lyrics for Gifts

  • Funeral Bulletins

  • Graduation Invitations

  • Logos/Banners for Etsy Shops

  • Memes for Special Events

  • Notepads

  • Place Setting Table Cards

  • Retirement Party Invitations

  • Save the Date Cards/Magnets

  • Stationery

  • Stickers/Decals

  • Wedding Invitations

  • Yard Signs

Outside Sources
Even if you have already chosen a company like VistaPrint for printing needs, or have access to websites/apps like Canva, it can still be helpful to start with a professional design/layout. What I offer is 100% customization, clear communication, and the benefit of my know-how when you have questions!

What is Graphic Design?

I get asked this questions a lot... and I love answering it! Graphic design is such a broad field though, that sometimes I have trouble explaining it. I usually say something like, "It means creating everything from websites to business cards and logos." However, when I say that, it sounds like I'm omitting one of the biggest parts of what I do: the little projects!


For these "little" projects, I gauge prices based on approximately how much time they will take me. However, as a rule of thumb, my base price is $20 and if it takes me longer than an hour, it will increase slightly from there. Rest assured I will always give you an estimate before I start so there are no surprises. I will always work with your budget as well.

Don't see what your looking for? Contact me! I am able to perform a variety of design projects that are not listed here.

Click below to check out my Design Portfolio

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