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Logo Design/Redesign

Whether your organization has never had a logo or simply needs a new, fresh look, I can help. I will develop a logo that suits your specific needs, and will supply variations for different applications. I will also ensure all logo files are suitable for traditional and digital print, web applications, social media and promotional items. Upon request, a file usage guide will be supplied that will explain the difference between the artwork file formats and their most appropriate applications.  [Pricing]


Graphic Adjustments

If you have a logo/graphic that needs to be updated, whether in design or color, I would be happy to assist.


Branding Guide

A branding guide is an essential tool for an organization that helps to describe, define and present examples of what your brand looks like in both print and digital media. It clearly defines the rules around print media and online presence in a variety of formats, making it easy for you and your staff to decide how to use your organization's logo, colors and more.  [Pricing]

>> See my Design Portfolio for sample work. <<

Print Media Design

Business Cards
Business cards are a must nowadays. I will design your cards according to your own preferences, incorporating your organization's logo and colors. Have a number of people on staff? No problem. I can make individual cards with each staff member's name and contact information.  [Pricing]

Letterhead / Envelope Design
I can design custom letterhead for your organization to be used for either print or digital purposes, and will design it according to printing needs (professional printing or desktop). Personalized envelopes are a great item to have, and I'd be happy to customize yours for all your mailing needs.  [Pricing]
Brochure Development
Need a brochure to tell others about your organization? With my expertise, you'll be able to hand out brochures that look sharp and include all the information others will need to know.  [Pricing]

Digital Media Design

Website Construction

Need a new website? I will be glad to suggest several options for domain/web hosting, while designing a customized website specifically for your organization's needs.  [Pricing]

* I prefer working with the online platform, Wix. However, I will also work with additional platforms if necessary. If you desire a fully customized site from original coding, I will suggest seeking out a coding expert.

Website Refresh
Keeping your existing website fresh and updated can be a daunting task. I am more than happy to take your site and update it according to your current needs/wishes, giving it a new look that visitors will find appealing and sharp.  [Pricing]

Web Editing
I will perform periodic maintenance to your website on an hourly basis, so you can remain focused on your other tasks without worry of your website information becoming outdated.  [Pricing]
​* Website creation/upkeep may be limited, dependent upon individual needs. If I cannot fulfill your wishes, I will help guide you towards the next step.

Social Media Kit

As I help you wade through the world of social media, I am prepared to create custom designed profile pictures and profile banners for your Facebook account, utilizing your logo and purpose. I will also develop memes/digital advertisements for major events so you never have to worry about your audience missing out.  [Pricing]



Advertising Development
I am prepared to develop custom designs for newspaper ads, magazine ads, digital promotional (electronic newspapers, magazines, Groupon ads etc.), pull-up promotional banners, vinyl banners or billboard ads.  [Pricing]



The Big and the Small of It
Whether you're looking for a complete design overhaul for your organization or you just need help putting together a flyer for an upcoming event, I'm happy to lend a hand. No task is too big or small for us to consider, so when in doubt, ask. I love answering questions and providing any assistance I can from start to finish.

The Mission

My goal produce budget-minded design solutions for your organization while striving to make it a pleasant experience for all involved. I take you and your projects very seriously, but also recognize the need for flexibility and friendly communication during all aspects of my services.

I specialize in designing for nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and churches of 500 or less. I'm most focused on helping you develop materials that will make and keep you relevant within your community and/or congregation.

Every business, church or organization is different - whether in size, goals or preferences. That's why I've established a wide range of services - because I want to help you reach your design goals that are specific to you and your organization.


I recognize the unique needs of every individual organization, ministry or church. That's why I offer unique pricing based on each project and time frame.

Pricing estimates are listed with individual projects, however I recognize the need to discuss your goals beforehand. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Rest assured there are never any hidden fees, and I will never try to sell you something that will not benefit the project. I will always be completely upfront and honest about what I can and cannot do, and I will gladly answer any questions you have about my pricing.

Don't see what your looking for? Contact me! I am able to perform a variety of design projects that are not listed here.

Click below to check out my Design Portfolio

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