How can I help you?
Graphic Design

When it comes to graphic design, I'm a Jack of all trades. I offer a myriad of design services - anything from logo design and branding to laying out newsletters, to creating stationery or designing custom brochures and everything in between. My goal is to help you by doing what I love, which makes it a win-win all the way around. Have a project in mind? Contact me!

Books - Writing, Layout, etc.

If you're curious about my books, you can check out details by clicking here. Specific questions about my writings? Send me a message! Questions about the publishing world? Send me a message! Wondering about my own publishing experiences and why I chose self-publishing? Send me a message! Need someone to take a look at your work for feedback? Guess what... send me a message!

I am not a professional editor, but I do offer proofing services where I will check your work for typos and grammar errors, along with content consistency.

Along with my graphic design work, I have experience in laying out book pages and creating book covers for printed masterpieces. So if you have your manuscript ready but need someone to make it pretty and print-ready, you got it... send me a message!