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After much discussion, the very difficult decision was made to dissolve the business of Serious Solutions. Not the passion for ministry. Not even graphic design. Just the business. As such, I, Rachel Burkum, am striving to continue Serious Solution's goal of providing quality, affordable solutions for small churches, ministries, non-profits and small businesses. Alicia Kraft is still in the picture as my ongoing consultant, mentor, and much-needed moral supporter. Perhaps a door has closed... but a new one is open, and I invite you to contact me to help with your next project!

Alicia Kraft and Rachel Burkum met back in 2001. With completely different backgrounds and personalities, it was determined they would either love each other or become mortal enemies. Thankfully they hit it off, and any death threats have always been given in good humor.

Alicia is a preacher’s wife. Rachel grew up a preacher’s kid. Alicia is pert near genius. Rachel is… very supportive of Alicia’s geniusness. Both are 3rd Degree Black Belts in Taekwondo, so they know all about focus, discipline and getting the job done. Rachel loves witty humor. Alicia likes to laugh at Rachel’s humor… or just laugh at Rachel in general. Both balance each other out with healthy doses of super optimism and super realism. When it comes to design work, both are determined to do it well and do it right. Alicia has a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. Rachel has several trouble-making (but lovable) cats. Alicia has spent her life in the Midwest, while Rachel was born out east. Alicia prefers Subway, Rachel insists Jimmy John’s is better, but both will agree that peanut butter always tastes good in ice cream.

For each similarity between them, there is a polar opposite, creating a most wonderfully balanced team, just right for Serious Solutions. You’d be hard pressed to find two more passionate women. And they’d like nothing more than to help you with your design projects.

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